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The Company

In 2004, TLS Lawncare was nothing more than two guys with a lawnmower and some lofty ideas. With the purchase of The Cone Shop & Car Wash, we were able to expand and store additional equipment and finally retire that lawnmower that got us started. It was also at that time that we welcomed two more owners to our team. Today TLS has grown into a thriving and ever expanding company with 12-14 seasonal employees and in 2008 we were even nominated as a top 10 finalist for the Pro of Excellence Award in Lawn Care and Landscaping, a major North American Award. At present, our company has contracts with both the Federal and Provincial governments throughout all seasons, in addition to the 60% commercial and 40% residential contracts year round. Everything from snow removal, lawn care, excavating and concrete to all your lawn and landscaping needs, there is no project too big or too small.



I had a vision since I finished my post-secondary education in business administration. I wanted to own a business. In 1990 I developed my first business plan, Sharky’s Lawn Maintenance Man. A little scared and equity being an issue I did not pursue this idea. 14 years later and the positive encouragement from my wife I did it. I took the chance of owning my own business. My background comes from employment with the City of Prince Albert. I worked at the Cemetery for 2 years, Cooke Municipal Golf Course for 10 years and a Lawn and Parks Foreman and Landscape Foreman for a combined total of 8 years. I gained a lot of knowledge while working at the golf course. I also obtained my Horticultural Course from the University of Guelph. I am now fully retired from the City of Prince Albert and working to grow our company into the vision I had so many years ago.


As someone who grew up in a small community in rural Saskatchewan, I learned about the importance of community involvement at a very young age. Growing up in a community with a large senior population, it was not uncommon for me and my siblings to spend weekends and evenings helping neighbours and friends with lawn care and shoveling, or any other task they needed assistance with. We were always happy to lend a helping hand. Fast forward to 2007, while working in Alberta, I was contacted by my Sister and Brother-in-Law and asked if I would be interested in joining the landscaping business they had started, TLS Lawncare and Landscaping back in Prince Albert. I jumped at the chance to return home to be surrounded by friend and family and have the opportunity to be a part of the community once again. Since that time, we have expanded a small yard care business into a successful, well rounded company that we are all extremely proud of. At TLS we take great pride in all the work that we do, whether it be small residential lawn care or a big commercial project with full landscaping services. But most importantly, we take pride in the value of a happy customer.


I’ll start with the fact that lawn care and snow removal has always been a part of my life. Starting at a young age, and growing up in a small town, in the summer months I had a number of houses that I looked after and a few businesses that I would do lawn care and odd jobs for. When winter came I would then shovel sidewalks and driveways, I loved being outside and I was always taught to work hard and do the job right. In 2007 well working in Alberta, my sister and brother-in-law asked if I would like to join the TLS team. With my son soon to be born I thought it was a very good opportunity to be close to home and be a part of something I love doing, so obviously my answer was “YES”. I pride myself on building TLS into a great and successful business, and with the help of my family that is what we have done. My two passions in life are TLS and my children, and I hope that one day my children will be a part of this family owned and operated business.

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